Paladin's Toy Reviews

Welcome to my Toy reviews section! As the name implies, this is where i'll be reviewing new toys as they come out. Enough chit chat, bring on the toys !

1. Time force time fighters

This is Time force's equivilant to "Blasting Power Rangers" now I know I know..blasting rangers have been pretty bad. but as has been the case lately, Bandai has improved the quality drasticly. No longer are these waves plagued with the "fat" ranger syndrome. Above I have 4 of the 6 released rangers (was too poor to buy trip and eric). Overall I am very impressed with this wave. It is very nice to see action feature toys that not only have a nifty gimmick but don't look like total crap (see blasting rangers) Each figure in this wave has a nice slew of weapons, not the usual boring grey single coloured dull weapons of the past! Each weapons is very close to the weapons used in the show, The time sabers even have tinited blades. Katie and Lucas are the two stand outs of the set. Katie has dual hand guns and Lucas has a nice time strike sword. Wes has a decent weapon as well but not quite as good as Lucas's weapon. My only real gripe is Jen suffers from zeo ranger 1 syndrome, her arm is sticking straight out to the side, sure it makes a nice pose with her sword and shield but, thats about it. The fact that she comes with Circuit (wrongly named digit on the package) makes up for this bad design flaw I feel this wave is definatly worth Picking up, especially lucas and Katie.

Talking Ultra Rangers

This has been a line i've been waiting for ever since the "doll" gi-joes made a big hit in toy stores. Basicly its a 12' inch ranger in a cloth outfit with a removable helmet (an excelent change from the awfull auto-morphing idea..a simple removable helmet) There are 4 Rangers in this asortmeent wes eric lucas trip No female rangers tho ;-(, the only thing I can come up with is it would be dificult to give them hair that would fit in the helmets.but it is till a shame that jenn and katie won't be represented These figures have an incredible amount of posability and a nice pile of weapons to boot (dual chrono sabers gun and helmet). My only realy complaints are the voice chips...the rangers sound like they are 10 year olds, and the face sculps could be better . But the sound is a nice bonus (woulda been better if they used the actors voices for em..but hey at least they showw pictures of the actors on the boxes, somthing that hasn't been done since mmpr). All in all a good wave, and I would recomend buying at leasst one (i'm currently hunting down a Trip figure)
Next up is somthing a bit diferent... Today Galvatron is going to review his new buddie supreme cheetor! (hands podeum to Galvatron" Well...I'd like to start our review off with a picture Here I am sizing up the new maxi.. overall he's a big scary looking..thing we circled a few times...then he seemingly tripped over a blade of grass. and fractured his pelvis I being a Destron warrior..took this oportunity to strike. The resulting battle depicted in the picture below. all in all a nice victory and what to do with the body ahh of coursee! When in doubt...return damaged merchendise well..its time for me to go off and beat up some defenseless puppies (galvatron flies off) Ahem...well there you have it.. Back to main">