Paladin's Power Ranger's links section

These links are Power Rangers related: A very well researched guide done by a talented person Writers guide to the power rangers galaxy A portugeese power rangers sites with lots of fun downloads Cyros Pr site A excelent site of Power Rangers fan made games (all made by the talented Cyro cyro's games Shadow rangers site ,fanfiction's and a whole lot of pr goodies ShadowRangers Relm
A great source for Pr news and many unique fun sections The Warnerverse is an excellent fun pr site lots of neat uk toy info El warnerverse A close second to the Warnerverse is.. (it appears to blatently rip off the Warnerverse in style..) El Funaroverse Another good site with reviews of rare or unique or toys

non-power rangers links

I got the general idea for my site from this nicely done Transformers identification site Reworks tf identification site
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