paladin's Dex-drive saves Archive

This is an archinve of non-gameshark cheated save files for psx I used This program to save them (you need a dexdrive to be able to use them...but I beleive the program can also work with Bleem! too) I'm willing to host other dexsaves as well under a few rules.. gamesharked max level, infinate stats etc etc. those are boring :-) 2.gamesharked debug codes, wierd effects secret normnally unplayable levels..are accepted 3.please only send saves you made yourself (i don't want to mirror gamefaqs ;-) 4.please give an acurate description of the save (ie where in the game,what makes the save stand out any necesary instructions as well.
Enough babbling here are the saves! 1. Final fantasy tactics (Great headstart) This save will put you 5 battles in, with a very powerfull party consisting of: 1.JIMMY(ramza) as a mime 2.MITSOU level 38 Monk abilities: dance, a save, attackUP, moveHPup 3.KARONE level 34 Monk abilities: dance, a save, attackUP, moveHPup 4.TAYLOR level 24 Dancer abilities: basic skill, a save, attackUP, moveHPup 5.JEWEL level 36 Monk abilities: dance, a save, attackUP, moveHPup 6.MEGABLUE level 42 mime This party is built to decimate the enemy before it has more then 2 turns to fight back how to use effectivly: 1.take Jimmy(ramza) and the 4 female party members into battle 2.make sure jimmy(ramza) isn't facing anyone (important if you need to fight back) each of your dancer/monks turns have them use the dance "Wiznaibus" 4.each consecutive turn have them wait. using this strategy, each turn your dancer charecters will dance away 10-16 points of damage from every monster, then the mime will mimick the attack. Within 2-3 turns, they should all be dead. this is a great way to get thru most of the early battles (and some of the later) my recomondations would be to build taylor up a bit more and master the monk class. Monks have a very hight attack power, this adds to the wiznaibus spells overall damage (hence the attack up ability) As you progrss in the game, you may wish to change the monks to your more desired fighting class (as the weaopons/armour becomes avialable) The second Mime (MEGABLUE) is optional if you don't want the hero to be stuck as a mime (weak defense lack of good defensive abilities). just swap JIMMY to a monk bard if you so desire (not as effective but is safer if you run into trouble) I choose monks as a main class simply becuase they are very strong when you have limited weapons available (early in the game you can only buy knight,squire weapons ..interesting way to balance the leveling up for obsessed players like myself:-) ) Samuarai lancer or ninja are all viable classes to use with this startegy as well (once you can get gear for them of course)
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